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“Each plant is in a sympathetic relation with the Macrocosm, and consequently also with the Microcosm, or, in other words, with Constellation and Organism [for the activity of the organism of man is the result of the actions of the interior constellation of stars existing in his interior world], and each plant may be considered to be a terrestrial star. Each star in the great firmament, and in the firmament of man, has its specific influence, and each plant likewise, and the two correspond together…. a herbarium spirituale sidereum might be collected, such as every intelligent physician, who understands the relationship existing between matter and mind, should possess, because no man can rationally employ remedies without knowing their qualities, and he cannot know the qualities of plants without being able to read their signatures.”


Franz Hartmann, Paracelsus p 52

Extract from Labradorite, a poem

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Below is a short extract from the long title poem from my first volume of poetry, Labradorite.

The poem is in several parts. I was initially inspired to write it from coming across an exercise suggested by Ted Hughes, in which the poet is to examine a small, simple object for 5 (or more) consecutive days, writing five (or more) poems about it, striving to focus on the object in great depth and detail. I had the perfect object, namely, a small labradorite gemstone. The exercise became, over the course of the experiment, almost akin to an extended meditation on rather intangible properties of the stone, and on the Universe, or universal force, or what Bardon might call the ‘depth point’, within it.

Extract from ‘Labradorite’, copyright  © 2019 C L Barton all rights reserved

Mystery blue –

shades of heaven –

cosmic essence;


Fire that burns underwater;

spirit encased in matter;

the sky at dusk,

or night, or noon.

The blue of Heaven

sunk deep in stone.

Uncanny forest with black trees;

an astral lagoon that winked and shone;

spirit in crystal,

soul beneath bone,

the world held in a cosmic palm.


The collection of poems from which the extract above was taken consists of 18 poems in various forms (haiku, free verse, triolet, there is even a cento), which, for the most part, explore various esoteric and metaphysical themes (NB I use the word ‘metaphysical’ here in the sense of psycho-spiritual-cosmic-magical, not as in the Metaphysical school of poetry of the 17th century). There are also a few poems inspired by encounters with interesting women around my neighborhood. It is my first collection of poetry and I have self-published with Vellum.

Labradorite is available from Amazon, kindle or paperback:





Please consider buying a copy and/or passing this information on to anyone who might be interested.

Blue Raspberry Slush

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I had never tried one of these beautiful-looking beverages – even though I had seen them around since my childhood, and been intrigued – until the other day.

Earlier this year, I had made a conscious decision to track down a blue raspberry slush puppie by the end of the summer so I could finally try it. But alas, they seem less widely available these days, possibly because their popularity has waned, now that glaringly artifical vibes are no longer really a la mode (as they were during the 80s and 90s)…

Then, while I was out (and in fact having gone somewhere I do not normally go) quite by chance, I found a newsagents selling these.

It was worth the wait – it tasted incredibly wonderful! However, my lips and tongue turned temporarily blue… still worth it! I would definitely buy again (in fact, this may be my new favourite drink).

‘…summer is on its throne…’

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In lovely harmony the wood has put on its green mantle, and summer is on its throne, playing its string-music; the willow, whose harp hung silent when it was withered in winter, now gives forth its melody – Hush! Listen! The world is alive.

Welsh; Thomas Telynog Evans (1840-65)

From A Celtic Miscelleny (selected and translated K Hurlstone Jackson; p. 87: Winter and Summer (extract)


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Sylvia Townsend Warner, Advice:

He that is wise and would not grieve

Should wear his heart upon his sleeve.

Cooled and refreshed by change of air,

A comfortable heart he’ll bear.

O, never keep the heart within

The walls of bone and flesh and skin.

A child imprisoned in the dark

 It beats and raves – but none will hark.


[Tarot images: 3 and 9 of Swords: Arthur Edward Waite, Pamela Coleman Smith; scanned by Holly Voley; wikipedia]

‘The power of sight does not come from the eye…’

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The power of sight does not come from the eye, the power to hear does not come from the ear, nor the power to feel from the nerves; but it is the spirit of man that sees through the eye, and hears with the ear, and feels by means of the nerves. Wisdom and reason and thought are not contained in the brain, but they belong to the invisible and universal spirit which feels through the heart and thinks by means of the brain. All these powers are contained in the invisible universe, and become manifest through material organs, and the material organs are their representatives, and modify their mode of manifestation according to their material construction, because a perfect manifestation of power can only take place in a perfectly constructed organ, and if the organ is faulty, the manifestation will be imperfect, but not the original power defective.

Paracelsus, De Viribus Membrorum

Motet: Puisque bele dame m’eime



Puisque bele dame m’eime

destourber ne m’i doit nus;

quar iere si loiaus drus

que je n’iere ja tensus

pour faus amans ne vantanz

lyrics at

I started to attempt a translation, but gave up, as I cannot work with medieval French! Hence the below comes courtesy of

“Since a beautiful woman loves me,
no one should trouble my peace.
For I have been such a loyal suitor
that has never been considered
a false or prideful lover.
Evil tongues will never
wag joyfully on my account,
for I seek to do no wrong;
I ask nothing
but that she call me her sweetheart.”


The Voice of Silence

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Before the soul can comprehend

and may remember,

she must unto the silent speaker

be united,

just as the form

to which the clay is modelled

is first united

with the potter’s mind.

For then the soul will hear,

and will remember.

And then to the inner ear will speak

the voice of silence.

[From Helena Blavatsky’s translation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali]

Terms used by Paracelsus

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Really expanding my vocabulary, reading Franz Hartmann’s ‘Paracelsus’.

Extract from Chapter Two: ‘Terms used by Paracelsus’:


Abessi, or Rebis. Refuse; dead matter; excrementitious substances.

Acthna. An invisible, subterrestrial fire, being the matrix from which bituminous substances take their origin, and sometimes producing volcanic eruptions. It is a cer- tain state of the “soul” of the earth, a mixture of astral and material elements, per- haps of an electric or magnetic character.1

Acthnici. Elemental spirits of fire; spirits of Nature. They may appear in various shapes, as fiery tongues, balls of fire, &c. They are sometimes seen in “spiritual sé- ances.” 2

Adech. The inner (spiritual) man; the lord of thought and imagination, forming sub- jectively all things in his mind, which the exterior (material) man may objectively re- produce. Either of the two acts according to his nature, the invisible in an invisible, and the visible one in a visible manner, but both act correspondingly. The outer man may act what the inner man thinks, but thinking is acting in the sphere of thought, and the products of thought are transcendentally substantial, even if they are not thrown into objectivity on the material plane. The inner man is and does what he de- sires and thinks. Whether or not his good or evil thoughts and intentions find ex- pression on the material plane is of less importance to his own spiritual development than to others who may be affected by his acts, but less by his thoughts.

Admisural. Earth (literally and allegorically).